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On our website, you can download TLauncher – a functional application for launching Minecraft. The software has several advantages that make it one of the best of its kind. It is still being supported – bug fixes and updates continue to be released.

The recent version of TLauncher: 2.8

The program's features make it stand out from the competition. Similar to other launchers, it provides access to different versions of the mining sandbox and allows you to play Minecraft with your friends. The launcher also has the following features:

  • connecting to official servers using your account – the dream of all fans;
  • the support team is attentive to the players – you can tell them about errors through a special application window;
  • highlight your personality with TLauncher – one’s own skin system makes it easy to diversify the game;
  • download all versions of the sandbox from the official servers, from Alpha to Snapshots;
  • uncover all the Minecraft potential – install OptiFine and Forge via the launcher in one click.

Getting TLauncher for free is perfectly possible because the application is freeware. You can start playing your favorite version right now, taking advantage of all the benefits of the mining sandbox from skins to mods.

The program comes in three versions, each supporting Windows, MacOS, or Linux, respectively. Contact the support service regarding the compatibility of individual Linux distributives. The software works stably on all systems and provides access to official servers.

Settings in TLauncher

TLauncher is an application that reports the latest news in a separate area of the window. You can also advertise your server to attract more players. On this matter, please contact us by the emails listed on the official website of the launcher.

You can purchase a Premium status for 1 or 3 months, or for life. It activates the function of disabling ads. HD skins and cloaks will also be available that will add individuality to the character. However, buying a premium account is not mandatory – you can use the main features of the program without investments.

Regular updates allow Tlauncher to remain in the ranks. The developers position the software not as pirated but as a kind of alternative to the official program, to which all game users have the right.

The program is translated into: English, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Chinese.

Download: tlauncher-2_86-installer-1_0_1-ot.exe [21.66 Mb] (download count: 3739) (Windows)
Download: tlauncher-2_86.zip [4.89 Mb] (download count: 3044) (Linux/OS X)
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