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On the site, you can download FTB Launcher created by the game fans. How was it released? Feed The Beast is a group of people that specializes in creating high-quality modpacks and maps for Minecraft. They began with skyblock maps focused on using the original mods. These maps became extremely popular, and an English-language FTB Launcher was created for their distribution.

The recent version of FTB Launcher: 1.4.15

The program is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. At the same time, it provides advanced features for those who need them and allows you to download modpacks, install texture packs or maps in the simplest way.

  • The launcher offers game mods that match a variety of tastes. Their list includes Regrowth, ME^4, and Crash Landing.
  • The program also allows you to install many different texture packs and maps that are specific to the build you are using.

You can download FTB Launcher for free to get access to the features described. Each user can build their perfect game without leaving the program. The simplicity of the interface is achieved by the convenient location of sections.

Texture Packs on FTB Launcher

The main feature of this launcher is the ability to download popular add-ons directly from the program window. The software receives regular updates, although it has got new developers. The program saves users’ time and opens a scope for game adventures. Just choose different maps, try out texture sets and various mods. Minecraft was created precisely for each player to be able to create their own build and spend time with maximum pleasure.

The software supports 32- and 64-bit Windows, so you can choose the appropriate version for better compatibility with your system. It is worth noting that despite the abundance of modpacks, not all of them will be available immediately. Some have not yet been tested, others require special code that can be found on the developer’s official website. This is an advantage because only proven and working mods get into the launcher. This allows minimizing errors for the sake of all players. Do not be upset if your favorite mod is not found – it may appear later.

Original Launcher (Minecraft Premium required)
Download: ftb_launcher.exe [7.31 Mb] (download count: 11890) (Windows)
Download: ftb_launcher.jar [7.27 Mb] (download count: 1605) (Linux)
Download: ftb_launcher.zip [6.59 Mb] (download count: 1329) (OS X)

Hacked Launcher (Login with any nickname)
Download: ftblauncher_windows.zip [16.95 Mb] (download count: 14986) (Windows)
Download: ftblauncher_linux.zip [16.83 Mb] (download count: 1349) (Linux)
Download: ftblauncher_mac.zip [8.75 Mb] (download count: 1313) (OS X)

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