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MultiMC is a new generation of launchers. Its main feature is an open-source character. This means that absolutely any user can make changes to the program and improve it thereby. The authors position their program as a universal utility for launching various builds with a large number of installed mods. The launcher size, along with its source code, is about twenty megabytes. You can download MultiMC from the our website.

The launcher interface is very simple and completely different from other launchers. On the right, there is a user menu that contains all the necessary features. Here you can create or change a profile, launch the game in normal and offline mode, view screenshots, change the path to the game files, and perform many other actions. The main area of the interface is occupied by the window with available builds. They are displayed as objects that you can interact with. For example, you can view a list of installed mods, the installation path, and the version of the client itself.

Create a new version in MultiMC

The second advantage of the launcher is a convenient settings menu. In it, you can specify the necessary parameters for the launcher, game clients, Java framework, enable proxy, add extensions, and much more. Not only the available builds are displayed visually but also mods that can be installed directly in the launcher. You can access a large catalog of mods that are divided into categories. Here you can find any mod, the required version and then install it on the desired client using just one button. Want to change the Forge version quickly? Here you can do this in two clicks.

Now MultiMC is a leader in the list of Minecraft launchers because of its incredible functionality. New versions that contain nice additions are regularly released.

The program is translated into: English, Russian.

Original Launcher (Minecraft Premium required)
Download: mmc-stable-win32.zip [13.25 Mb] (download count: 23495) (Windows)
Download: mmc-stable-osx64.zip [11.63 Mb] (download count: 3369) (OS X)
Download: mmc-stable-lin32.zip [22.16 Mb] (download count: 1340) (Linux 32x)
Download: mmc-stable-lin64.zip [21.99 Mb] (download count: 2267) (Linux 64x)
Download: multimc_1_1-2.deb [7.08 Kb] (download count: 2420) (Debian)

Cracked Launcher (Login with any nickname)
Download: multimc.zip [13.36 Mb] (download count: 15558) (Windows)

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